This year the autumn darkness will be conquered! Zoumana Dembele and Aakusti Oksanen will be back in Tallinn (only a week before the album release of their Mande Maja Band!) inviting us to the new level of rhythmic travel. No need for southern vacation, the heat and sweat are guaranteed.

This time we will start already on Friday evening and continue with the whole day on Saturday. You are warmly invited!

Level: medium & advanced

Rhythms: Garankefoli advanced, djelidon, mendiani, (optional:wassolonka)

Friday, Nov 4th
18-21 drumming

Saturday Nov 5th
10-13 ​drumming
13-15 ​lunch
15-18 ​drumming

Venue: Luise 36/ Koidu 46, Tallinn


Fee: 70 euro​s​ (​by ​October 15th), 80 eurot (​by October 28th​) ​or 90 euro​s​ ​(by November 4th or on spot​).

​Pre-registration to by October 15th to get further info. Please be aware that places are limited.​

Zoumana plays solo, see the video here.

The workshop is organised in collaboration with Must Jää and Djembepaja.





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